i dont write ‘what i did today’ entries much but i must. i had a lovely time at maya’s party tonight. trust in me never to bring a camera when it counts since i’m afraid it will scurry off into the ocean again. but we went to the improv night at the “INTERNATIONAL COMEDY THEATER” yes it’s in caps because it’s that important and it’s imprinted on my hand. there were british stores and pubs by it so i whipped out the ol’ british accent. and stole a “hot british guy’s” seat according to pat. why i didn’t steal the one next to him i know not. she had gathered a great assembly of people s’well. and the ones i didnt know, i totally won them over with my charm [riight[.]] on the way back our car was inspired to play whoslinesisitanyways games and it wasn’t a disaster, quite hilarious on the contrary,

=do you have a big cake, if you know what i mean?
+no but i have two pies, if you know what i mean.
=are they jello pies, if you know what i mean?
y’know, more of those sorts of things that will never seem funny again.

after more funness and music ensued at her house, kim and i stayed to talk about life with her until about now. [lai can we have another round of those spaghettisauceflifferflaaver parties?] we made a deal to spend extra time with maya before she goes to isreal and the cubic eeels officially break up. movie nights are reinstated. [side note-we got a bigbig tv in the xia household today though i dont know who’ll ever watch it.] did someone slip a miracle drug in my soda? i have mounds of energy without any sort of nourishment. let’s hit the discotheques


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  1. OK so this has nothing to do with this entry, but I noticed you have under interests “Scottish trumpet solos” and can’t help but think you’re referring to Dog On Wheels and I Love My Car.Well I’m probably wrong, but that’s just what I thought of when I read that.

  2. Heh, I always notice that zipper at the beginning of Expectations, but I always like to think of that as an intentional part of the song. Who knows why that one’s there.The trumpet parts are often one of my favorite parts when it comes to Belle & Sebastian, they’re pretty good. Those two were only the first two I could think of quickly that have great trumpet solos. They’re pretty much excellent all around.

  3. yes lets flivver-flavver and roof someday!left on blue and all that jazzi am craving ameliei will bring sheet music on tuesday, how about?no keyboard alas in the scruggs.(i do want to die in this song)

  4. why is she leaving for Israel? have fun before she goes, c’est necessary.
    I know how you feel about the energy-sin-nourishment thing. it’s kind of nice, to be drugged without drugs.
    I haven’t slept in over thirty-six hours.
    I’m not sure if Allah will help me even if I ask nicely.

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