dance spot #7: 20s soire

wooowatch the ghost of the flapper me preside over this entry

these normal people all over the place and bearing offspring are annoying. i request that everyone who yammers about nothing should appreciate silence and safe sex for a day. and people who are quiet must say what’s on their mind. the world would be loopy. our future would be bright

today i’m supposed to eh, party like it’s on sale for 19.99. oh i hope no one’s bought that dress

may i gouge my eyes out and use them as golf balls before i get a myspace. this is a plea not to leave me for it


5 thoughts on “

  1. gotta love that picture.
    Now talk about spawning children. If a person can afford sex, at least they can afford condoms. It’s disgusting how ignorant a person can be.

  2. agreed. though in a an annoying drunk way. (explanation: I just say harold and kumar go to white castle for I bustling with asian pride( that term should die) yet i used it nonetheless.

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