dance spot #4: in my bed under medication

when this virus passes i can enjoy the long weekend. [oh but! my sduffed dose makes my singing voice great, when i have the energy to sing] maybe i will see midsummer night’s dream morrow. and tour colleges on thursday, but none that i want to attend. i must say my fairly-realistic-dream-goal is berkeley, based on sily reasons. a silly reason is a good reason, i say also. a dress making party was mentioned too-i hope it comes through.

i want to roof as a verb

oeioke  <i try to spell “people” without looking at the keyboard and this comes out.

people are lovely especially when you can sprawl out on them. on my friends, it does not support my hetero image, but i have to settle. problem: i’ve gotten used to it and always have the urge to embrace anyone sitting closely to my right. in a class that will not be disclosed, the person to my right would be frightened and let’s face it, disgusted if i acted on it – i’d be overjoyed. one of these days i’m going to forget to repress myself


7 thoughts on “

  1. hey, i thought making out was our little secret hahah.,
    well lets just say i hope i am the one to your right. 😉
    viruses are not alive. (info acquired from human bio)

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