dance spot #2: in the tunnel. sitting on my keister but the upper body could have constituted as dancing. we were listening to these “jazz chants” my parents used to learn english. and i for fun. they are damn catchy

what’s with the bush pop-ups? “do you think he is prepared blahblah gingerblah..” it’s a little late for that load of bollocks. maybe it’s just my spyware not working properly

my old entries were so long. let’s reinstate that!

i want to see alfie, not just cause it’s stuart’s 49th favorite film.

if open mic night has officially died i will cry

jazz chant:
the music was dead
the cafe was a bore
she couldn’t play a song anymore.

the musicians were gone
they were rather brill
even the ones that smelled like roadkill.
   but i wouldn’t know


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  1. Hey, thanks. Your comments (the first updates to my site in months) inspired me to remember what a good emotional outlet this deal used to be, and now I’ve started again.
    Love and peace.

  2. There’s one particular good-looking japanese kid. He’s in the pictures. Odd though the only friends i’ve got on film are the asians.
    Speaking of dancing, A couple friends and I were doing the Mash Potatoe during weight trading class.

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