dance spot #1: my room. it can only get more interesting from now on.

i didnt expect to feel really bummed when he ‘won’ but i do. so my teachers in the morning are all republican and after lunch they’re decmoratic. in first period ackerman was celebrating [on a shattered ankle no less] and in fourth oliver was bingeing on chocolate.

doctors and nurses say: YES on prop BB


5 thoughts on “

  1. Students and teachers all over campus are either at a love hate disposition. I guess there’s always bad when there’s good.
    However it does get VERY annoying when people “preaching” about things they don’t know.
    Over all my “election” day went fairly fine until they ran out of ice cream..

  2. see, i knew you’d get that.
    i vote yes on you every moment of my brain poll time. which is all the time.
    a fine and lovely bastard is in your future. cause if he weren’t, i wouldn’t want to live. no hope. yet i’m alive, so thus you shall get your just desserts.
    relating lovely bastards to desserts. wonderful.

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