does anyone want to dance as much as i do right now

edit and still now and probably later. i hope to dance in a new spot every day. see how that goes.

lesson from me to you my friend. the trick is all about looking like you know what you’re doing


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  1. i don’t. i want to sleep. i want to be able to sleepedy sleep each night and have a bedtime. i want to get my work done so i can have time for love things. and working on love things, that’s somewhat of a separate issue. but i can’t do anything if i’m tired all day. tomorrow i will nap until it’s almost bedtime. almost bedtime.

  2. oh sleep. no one cares about dreams so i’m posting it here. yesterday i had this dream i’ve had before and i totally remember every detail. so my conscious is like “get it over already so i can get good duermo!” and my subconscious the bastard’s like “we have to get through every bloody detail of this dream before i can rest”. it would really make a good movie though, deep and well-developed characters. the bad guy looks like the child-catcher in chitty chitty bang bang. he scares me infinately more than grotesque ones.
    i didnt really mind though since it was all in the spirit of halloween

  3. i cannot tell you how many times i’ve seen chitty chitty bang bang. bizzare it is. lovely you are.
    often xanga and real life do coincide. i’ve told you the stories.
    also, i’m finding how tricksely i function in real-life-mattering situations. it’s a bit of a shy and awkward tale, i’ll be sure to put it in a letter.

  4. Hah, aw. Wasn’t aiming to scare, m’love. Especially not my dearest Beebe! Was just going along with the Dresden-Dolls-lyrics theme. I do think it is time for a change, however…Perhaps when I have the time, eh?The site is simply gorgeous as always. ;;busts a move with Bee;;Sods,Stef

  5. Do I ever. I always want to go home from school dancing, but I must restrain myself from fear of looking silly.
    We must do that one day. Just go home dancing. Both of us. You in your city, me in mine.

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