remember this? i confess i do. i dont care what anyone says, being dead doesnt make them cool. now for stuff less painful..

(we lay on a bed there-
kissing just for practice
can we please be objective
cause the other boys are queuing up behind us)

i was bequeathed with a beautiful guitar strap

i’m saving myself today until nightfall. for sugary confections. [and murdochs, sugar] you would too if your mom hid the candy all year


7 thoughts on “

  1. YOU! you got me sick. I don’t care if you are hundreds of miles away in whatever state it is that you are in, you still got me sick. It came through the computer as a virus.
    and, oh god, i just saw that guy move his arm and I don’t think he’s supposed to do that. I need to rest.

  2. Oh the about the songs, the title of the songs that are currently playing, are at the top of the page beneath the picture/ banner. All songs are by Ratatat so yeah. I guess you’ll have to figure it out from there. haha.
    Happy Halloween!
    Boob, candy never worked for me.

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