dear you,

i got sufficient amount of beatnikness. tis’s aight, jock-it!

bastardly yours,


lovelovelovelove vlove


8 thoughts on “

  1. oh, my! Beebe, the beautiful beatnik! how marvelous. ^_^what is the name of this song? it is quite the catchy tune.”and i never knew my name” -> (replace with) “and i know Bee’s such a dame :-*!”wuvvles, stef

  2. i was a beatnik last year. i made drawings with a sharpie on a pad of paper. grotesque portraits and such, smash hit. i didn’t have a beret or shoes. i had a large grubby black sweater, black leggings, white socks, and straight (semi-long w/bangs, weird i know) hair. i was a really depressed and dark beatnik. i hardly spoke, and i tackled bailey twice.
    it’s really in the attitude. i don’t have converse to be julian i realized. we all have to compensate.
    and this featured content thing is annoying. boring kids are frequenting my xanga, geeeehhghh.

  3. my hippie costume is rather minimalistic if you call it so, tis just the dress and maybe a headband.but there is a tendency at halloween to be too extreme  (tis why them halloween costumes have this fake luster to them)i do not believe being asian helps with the hippie part of this halloweening, but i think you have the makings of a beatnik, bee!i agree with this suzanimal dear. ’tis the ‘tude, indeed.

  4. I just happen in on your xanga. That’s neat you’re into gothic lolita fashion and indie, considering not much people are into one thing while interested in the other. Oh well I just though that was neat, haha. -dinah

  5. Of course all fashions should be embrace, haha. Umm, red scarfs are classic, but this ‘fans only’ business puzzles me somewhat.

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