i wish to retrieve this one dress from flashbacks. similar to these silly rabbits:

probably just wanted an excuse to post this picture

us: [[drawing octopus in art]]

me: it’s a treasure chest don’t you see?

allyx: it’s them it’s not meee

us: [[exploding our cheeks in forgotten mutual love for strokes]]


12 thoughts on “

  1. i think you stay up really late and eat some things and don’t do your homework and contemplate outrageous reasons as to why you should not go to school tomorrow. i’m still battling with it, it’s pretty tough. that picture made me want myself… but it wasn’t myself. a confusing experience nonetheless.

  2. i missed art club, ahhh well I am hungry. I Want KFC, I know conor will hate me, but alas conor you maybe vegan but you can still eat. SO… huttah! see you on saturday.. you forgot to tell me the details

  3. Do it, it’ll be happy.  I like how every time I come to comment the eprop army of happy guys will always greet me with flapping mouths.

  4. oo!<3 dresses. like little dollies… is wearing socks like the ones girlonright is sporting…<3 the strokescommented on thursday’s…but just had to add my opinions on this’un too. kissus fer the missus,stef

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