ariel is right

Lolita is good


this post is probably best stopped there but also big news:

1) i haven’t gotten sick since the beginning of school

2) after 128[?] days, it rained. still raining. we had to put buckets in the science lab to accomodate all the rain.

i don’t know which is more shocking


9 thoughts on “

  1. Cheer is totally the first to go, followed by the treble clef, then dance, sing, and finally after many elaborate hand gestures (all in the name of rock) MUSIC.  Because I love it. 
    Are you talking about the book?  It made me cry.  It’s great.  I mean, if you’re talking about the book.

  2. i cried too. i was next to bailey in the car on spring break. she didn’t see me though, twas a secret cry.
    good thing tis raining over there, for tomorrow is unbrella day! did you know? at 1:00 pm. bring your unbrella to your local streetcorner. mine is reptiles.

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