hope these pictures are worth the 20 minutes they take to load:

c h a l k   l a   s t r a d a

we drew a bit. this picture not accurate to the timeline, shh

cory kimmianne and i started another one while lai and jules did most of that. oi the colors are all wrong. gardener grady’s indeed

checked out some other peoples’. alas, only took a few

went out to lunch:


checked out various [italian] products not including:

return to this gal

finnish finish! sorta

mom threw pants [far] away 😦

thank you, holiday inn


6 thoughts on “

  1. thank you for helping to bring beauty to this earth. you should have got to keep your pants.
    i pray that you would not be musically mislead. if only i could devise some sort of medication for the dilemma. unfortunately i’ve had no luck in finding a cure for keeping away adults that are overly concerned about my lack of significant other. hhmmm.

  2. wow. thats some pretty neat work you guys did. only if i could have been there to get fustrated. i mean i can’t use chalk all that well. maybe you guys would have let me color stuff in. i like coloring. i’ll color your face! = ] blue, gree, yellow, white.. pick the color. i’ll do it all for freeeeeeeeee!
    today is the bright eyes show i was going to see. today my life will never be complete. today is a sad day in skye history. saddest day moment seconds month year life ever. ever. ever. ever.
    bye sister fo lyfe!

  3. good thing.
    my adult problem is not so bad. doesn’t bother me. just bothers me that it bothers some of the people that i love and i can’t convince them that it’s ok and that they can’t do anything about it. anyways i’m thinking that the problem will… fix itself if you know what i mean. heh heh heh.

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