i think it’s real annoying when i miss someone i don’t know yet and i think it’s real annoying. also i miss mister rogers but that’s someone i know of and he’s dead so not so much. annoying. did anyone else feel the sexual tension between lady aberlin and that other guy? oh and if you’re the one i dont know yet please contact me. if you remember the name of that other guy please contact me. pictures soon


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  1. Shh, don’t tell! I am still subscribed to you, my dear. Don’t fret, don’t fear! I couldn’t leave you behind…i’ll still visit often! That’s… if you don’t mind. ^_^Love,Stef

  2. hi! havent been here in a while so i thought id stop by. It is annoying to miss someone you havent met. esp if you talk a lot. arg. well… have a great day!

  3. its such a sad feeling knowing that my ticket is going to someone else who barley even likes them. or well.. so i think i guess.
    please please tell conor that that that i love him! and i will be in tears tomorrow.. literally. tis not fair. damn it.
    i hate how things go. have fun though sis! don’t hug conor toooo tight. ; )
    = [

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