the girls are holding hands! the girls are holding hands! don’t be a fool. it’s 1995 the girls are just friends
directed to the fools at my school. i refuse to be an effing question mark

ahh the smell of official b+s shirts in the afternoon

i cant rile myself up to dance to bad music. once at the used concert is enough. i like to dress up, eat. after eating we’re walking them safely, rape-lessly, to the dance entrance. not dancing shouldn’t prevent eating. cause’ the population of china’d starve to death.

if you are interested, my strategem is coming along nicely. we’ll be playing together soon


8 thoughts on “

  1. kaitlin and i are pretty sure that we’re making a rep as girlfriends, becausea. we speak our mindsb. we giggle a lotc. the haird. we have every class togethere. i actually do call her my boyfriend sometimesf. everyone sucks, etc (i take it you know the scene)
    a letter was post-marked for you t’other day.
    i’m taking you to the story cove at the columbus metropolitan library one day.

  2. How come I didn’t get the invite 😦 Mr. oliver would be very sad to know about the holding hands situation, he hoped to pick you off a ripe vine.

  3. bing bing you look nothing like janine, more like a bing bing if i ever saw one and not a butterknife for sure(ask ariel what that means)

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