take a tip from me don’t go through the park when you’re on your own it’s a long walk home

where is notquitenewhost but guythatlooksincharge? i looked all over the park

our house is in a flurry of redecorating and SAT IIs. i’m going to be wallpapering with practice tests or answering some question with textiles i’m sure. enjoy garage [pronounced gair-udge] sales and wall deco. you



13 thoughts on “

  1. you make me smile.
    and i’m going to write you today, like i said i would last week except for i didn’t. growing up is funny and stuff. now i’m going to click submit and then sit here and listen to this heart tugging little french diddy. cheers.

  2. hey love, am in the process of wall deco-ing my room and mind with sat II crapness too.  freak them and it and all the protigeniture that came with it, bloody idiots.  anyway, am playing bs song on piano, better give me a new one so i don’t make this whole house a heavenly choir with my kind of singing…date on tuesday

  3. i was looking at your picture entry. i love that little africa shirt! aha its the quite the cutie. i also adore the little bunny shirt. also to go along with that picture entry.. i found these black spiderweb leggings in the little girl side of target. = ] they were only 6 bucks! they also had candy corn ones.. lol i had to have those too. they had a couple more. just thought you should know because they are darling.i like walking.

  4. My darling Bee,You are the hippest chick, the coolest cat, the loveliest lady I know.Snaps (just as the arties at the poe-slams do ),Stef^_^P.S. Your new clothes (previous entry) are the sweetest. You will look gorgeous-OH in them!

    artclub is FLOURISHING like the germ it s :Dwhat a germ what a germ.
    i think i might also dress up and eat. jump up and down nonsensically with me, please!

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