started when i was looking for black leggings for halloween costume. then this:

“foka is a brave boy/he live a happy life with/many friends in african forest”

wish i had more of my old clothes. a few i’m going to wear because they’re not miniscule:

and a blue/black dress in the washing machine already. whaddya know! i’m allergic to moUld too


6 thoughts on “

  1. the stripey thing rocks. what’s that in the corner there? it makes me want to pour warms sweet goo down me troat. good for you and time. i’m following a similar, more gutsy format. i should be writing you soon, bee-youtiful.

  2. The first one’s tag looks like it says crap. Does it really say gear? Or does is it say crap?And the ribbons on the 2nd one almost look like guns.What kind of clothes is it that you wear? Obscene ones! ha. ha. ha.

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