today i feel a bit lonely. like a single lonely only child. elefant should hold me

i want this life changing event that doesn’t really change my life just makes it wonderballwonderfull. or this thing i dont want to admit yet. would be cool. you know what i mean, Mad.

dad asked me to burn him my ultimate beesquared mix cd [that’s what single lonely only children do when bored-for their folks] to play at his WORK. hope that went okay


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  1. ah, rats. i don’t know what to tell you. you’d think that even after you figured out which one you wanted it would be cake. um, it’s not. figuring is tough and obtaining is way tougher. i’m living without having too. the only way to like it is to overlook the lonely and to enjoy the challenge. my hoping-to-help advice is something that he’d say; “give it time.”

  2. hardly life changing, drama is one thing but that is another. actually a mate might be good for you, for us both lol. We should go buy from ebay. They have everything. You burned your dad a cd 🙂 how sweet :* your my little kitten, i get to pet your hair meow, and not make you sneeze. 🙂

  3. i always feel like a lonely child. not a single lonely child though.. because my brother is always finding himself next to me. >=
    i burnt my dad a of cds. = ] all those great oldies and what not.
    i too want something to happen to me. i need something to spice up my life. maybe one day we’ll meet and then our lives will be complete and that will be that one glorious moment we both want to happen to us. i said maybe..
    i finally posted some new pictures. = ] enjoy my beebe.
    bye sis ❤ : )

  4. hey love am addicting my brother to belle and sebestation the pastie person. ah, am i waiting for something?  noooohh!! (no+oh!)  i got moccassinss..however you spell that..idididididid…gosh and their like thigh-long and such with fringes…ive alwasy wanted to be an indian

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