poor neglected pears. kids finish all their peaches and cherries and pineapples but the pears always pushed to the side. and, heaven forbid, the all-pear lunch days. why do they keep serving them? i hate gritty canned pears. maybe i’ll learn more about it when i take child development next term. yes child development! probably not

i played at open mic night yest but i reckon the last time for a while. they needed pictures for the school newspaper >< and everyone there’s from mt. carmel now. the only other people that played were this band of oh, eight rotating people that monopolized the night. still, bless their hearts because they let me use their equipment. guess i better get some of my own soon. probably not

played yoshimi, trying your luck, le pastie, caught in love, jonathan david. er tried to. and the notquitenewhost but guythatlooksincharge digs BS. i wonder if i can go an entry without mentioning BS. probably not


4 thoughts on “

  1. whoa mama! I like this background.
    nobly Pop.
    I don’t know. I was trying to think of some things to say and them I noticed the probably nots at the end of the paragraphs and it went from there.

  2. child developement? *holds back laughter*
    glad open mic night was good, kari said you were good.  glad you had fun. Dunno lit magazine mostly i dunno… not my type more writing your own stuff, obviously the lit magazine, i prefer book club. Irene said we should be reading no exit by sartre.

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