shalalala. shalalala. shalalalalalalalalala. shalalala. and it ends never to reveal the…end! ><

i’m such a be square

my english teacher loves le tigre

don’t know what to do with it. my hairs at an awkward stage, the teenage hair strikes again.

man i never look like me in pictures. ask anyone. not just in the sense that i don’t hang upside down. check out that scarf, it’s hot and hot. i enjoy feeling a bit like belle and sebastian with it. however you may be feeling like i’m pathetic. i want to join creative writing club

bye, bookies


12 thoughts on “

  1. Oh, I understand your scarf that makes you feel like belle and sebastian. My jacket that makes me feel like Julian.Clothes are great.I am laughing at your joke. “I’m such a be square.” haha. see? I’m laughing. haha.You were right. The comment box worked after I ate.

  2. you are not pathetic. you are rock-awesome.
    i lack creative words tonight. it’s because i’m making such progress in a certain thing. i shall reveal it all in good time, in a good envelope, in the mail, for you, next week.
    i love your shiny asian hair. i’m serious about sending you a chunk of mine. i’m cutting it after halloween anyways.

  3. such a cutie. i like you hair. i look like a little boy in pictures. = | oh and thanks for the happy b-day sis.
    i enjoyed your other pictures in the last post as well. i was trying to comment but my computer was acting up. = | stupid damn computer.. always acting up.
    did you sew that cupcake skirt? = ] i like those metallic shoes too. cuties!
    and i did kindve buy that sweater because it reminded me of amelie. lol the green color and all.
    bye sweets!

  4. i dunno you look like a beeb too me, except you always have your eyes closed, it makes me want to kiss your head, like conor might. LOL love you hun. I was in creative writing club, it got boring. I’lve been in many clubs since freshman year

  5. I love your scarf and your hair.  It’s cute in the photo.  I saw an amazing concert ‘the colour’ ‘repeat repeat’ ‘the adored’ ‘spacey casey and The only children’ (former members of anniversary) and ‘waking ashton’  not in that particular order though.  It was good.  I miss your comments.  And I love your site!

  6. Sorry love…I’m falling behind again…Your English teacher rawks.Your hair is just darling . Scarf also.And do not fret. I never look exactly like myself in pictures, either. It takes a few tries…A few shutter snaps. Another shutterslut wincing…A creative writing club sounds pleasant. Regretfully, I must say I do not know of one around here…I shall form one? Yes.Well, I suppose I should return to my ordinary life and an ordinary day with ordinary events in it now…Although, once I’m there, it’s hard to come back…Hence the neglectfulness. :'(Hope you are well…Love you much,Stef

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