lai likes amelie; in your face! i like her roof; i’d throw a party on it. as long as there’s no sudden movement.

kari gave me the suicidal prevention sign that you hang around your neck. it says CELEBRATE SUICIDE PREVENTION WEEK. the PREVENTION WEEK folds around so people don’t see that part. then you get lots of questions.

so there are 5 adults on tv doing endless rounds of the “i don’t want to be a chicken, i don’t want to be a duck..” thing/dance? in front of a black curtain, with straight faces. and i’m watching them. we’re a sad lot.

my strategem:
1) get elizabeth to listen to more B+S
2) point out that their main instruments are guitar and [lovely sweeping] violin
3) point out that she plays violin [expertly] and i play guitar
4) play at lunch, tuesdays
5) play at lane kim’s wedding reception in 2014

pictures for the bored. if you’re in these please don’t sue me


yes conor played at our school.


9 thoughts on “

  1. i would throw a party on my roof.. but i fear it would cave in hurting many of my dear ol’ pals.
    i always like receiving compliments on what i wear and stuff. i think i also like receiving negative compliments as well. i mean.. what i wear just sets me apart from what the “making fun person” has no courage to wear.
    well if i could/would count the ways i love you..
    i think i’d come up with this number..
    ^ = ]

  2. special moments HRAY! i can’t wait till monday. but i am kind of sick so thats pretty sucking. i like to prevent suicide by wearing a sign that says 11% of all teenagers who commit suicide use a firearm. 🙂 amelie. <-i guess that explains it.

  3. yes conor was at our less than humble school, he was hiding behind the palm tree I wanted to make out with. I love cory’s , I am too cool to look pic. I love them all except mine with the hat lol. alright byes dear. i wish you’d be on aim more, i miss you. SPECIAL MOMENT FOR 2 HOURS TOMMOROW-(i guess it’s not a moment but a special timeslot)

  4. hey love. whoaway cool that s and b have a vio in it…gonna bring my vio tomm, if you want, ill breing both’m guitar and vio. viovioviovio…your site takes forever to load, love the pictures. I would so throw a party on the roof, id sing on the roof and make all the neighbors say “what is that bloody noise? All hells broken loose!” like they did when the beatles did that, see you then and forever – the zard

  5. i got your letter today and all is well (within and without it). i have nice things to tell you already, and hopefully more this weekend. i’m doing a good job of not being emotionally insane all the time, and it’s good. letters can have a more reasonable page length and multiple topics now i’d say. and i’m trying to think of awesome things to send you. it’s a good time for letters i’d say.

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