if i stopped going it wouldn’t make a difference, except to some teachers who are obligated to care. and only in the one moment during roll call. i want to be 11. say something uplifting that doesn’t have to do with kittens, you.

i feel like delgados


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  1. i think i love you. = D
    even if we did talk.. i wouldn’t know what to say or even where to start. i feel like one of those kids who is begging for attention or something. x | i swear i’m not.. although i’m lacking in the attention area.
    i’m not going to the le tigre show is SD. anthony told me there is one in LA.. so again my (our) luck is screwed. will we ever see/talk/dance/frolic with eachother? =’ [
    ^^^^ another depressing thing to think about.
    but to lighten up my “i hate everything” mood..
    i got my bright eyes ticket! = D i can’t wait. it’ll be just like a dream. ❤
    bye sweets

  2. ::Runs in, flushed-face and panting:: Serry I’m late, m’love! ::Smile::<3 the muzak so hard. I hope you are doing alright…What with the schoolwork daemons and all…I know I’ve been suffering [like WOAH-OH!]…::Cowers in corner::OO, kittens…I’ve been wanting to get one of those…Hope to see you online sometime…I pay a lot more attention to my buddylist than my xangrr. Shame!Peace and love and sods,Stef

  3. i’ve thought about ditching field sports all the time but i finally decided not too, 2nd period would be hard. OH I HAVE AN ANNOUNCEMENT TO MAKE!!!! I LOVE… EVERWOOD. that just came out love. seriously. random.
    byes dear. nice song. nice and beebeish and not japanesse rock like ;J

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