post-sleepover syndromes again. always ending up with me jaw-unhinged laying on my stomach kicking the bed repeatedly. writing this whilst we speak is going against tradition. i shall retire back to bed soon. here’s a headscratcher! in a manner tv evangelists would be proud of, i urged four mates to watch amelie yesterday and get this – none fell in love. still mates now, i’m not so sure [kid, kid]. very suspicious… boys and girls, don’t miss the woody allen marathon. [adapted from “reproductive barriers, boys and girls. which means that they can no longer get it on”]

free bird!


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  1. Hey!  The sleepover syndrome is always fun isn’t it?  Sad- not a fan of amelie?  Hmm… Anyways- I posted some pictures on my site for you lassie!  You should post a comment on it… especially commenting my room mate.  She deserves its!

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    its a-okay if you forget. anyways i doubt you could.. because i’m going to probably be talking about in almost every entry. lol queer eye skye
    anyways.. hows school going?
    take a train to victorville. we can sing and dance to le tigre in the middle of my street. that’d be grand x10

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