but i love you

[adapted from “but jeremiah was a bullfrog.”].

eh dit

i thought this was amusing. i dont know who to share it with so i’ll come back read this entry and share it with myself.

A fellow came up to us. I think he ‘sensed’ we were in a band.

“Are you…a band?”
“Yes, we’re in a band?”
“What are you doing here?”
“We’re going to Glasgow”
“Are you Franz Ferdinand?”
“No we’re NOT Franz Ferdinand. What do you want?”
“I’m helping make a programme called ‘Airport’ for the BBC. What’s you’re band called?”
“Belle And Sebastian.”
“Oh I know. The Boy With The Arab Strap. I know that lp… I was half expecting to see a girl called Belle and a boy called Sebastian! Ha ha ha!”


The camera crew arrived. It was then that Stevie pointed to them and said.

“Point that camera at me and I will fucking break you!”.

the franz always wins more stuff than b+s with no good reason. [no fucking good reason!]


6 thoughts on “

  1. nobody’s weasel? ; )
    i was really into the whole vintage dress thing.. but i got tired of wearing dresses. haha so now im just wearing jeans and pants. oh and the occasional skirt that might ‘slip’ into my outfit.
    ankle skirts all the way!
    ctahc the next train to victorville and go thrifting with me. i have a friend who gives discounts. who doesnt like a good discount??!
    nice story. i think i like stevie already. ; )

  2. “maybe i’m being too wanky but i’m filled with adoration for you. ”
    ^ i feel the same way.
    i thought your hair was short like a pixie cut. well i bet the choppy hair looks great on you. its just where i live.. every girl has it.
    anthony is already attending college. lol i’m just in home studies.. enjoying the good life. which isn’t really all that good.

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