i put on this song because i liver the beginning. today feels like i should be starring in a sierra mist commercial. prompt pictures will be promptly tomorrow. [words saturated with consonants are fun. like spledunk.] i leave you with something spledunky from lai:

beebe xia is a radioactive squirrel!!


eh dit

did you fall for the prompt prank? no i was going to put some up but i blame miss madiha. direct complaints to her. few more days.

if you load this page at the specific moment the vitamins will stick out their tongues to the beat of the song. that’s what i call fate; dig it, dig it.


11 thoughts on “

  1. i really like the new layout. i’m working at this place called baja taco. free food + me working hard = fair
    i’m so tired. = |
    post pictures of yourself! i can almost make pig tails with my hair. is pig tails one word? i hate now knowing simple things like that..
    some more examples..
    garage sale or garagesale
    yard sale or yardsale
    yeah thats all i can think of. toodles

  2. well with the converse i’ve been a fan for a pretty long time and i think they look really good with everything. but for some reason when i see someone else wearing a pair i get tired of them on other people. yeah sounds weird.
    flats! i love flats! but they are so popular now. oh well.. i mean everything is going to popular in one way or another. lol
    i looked up pigtails. it is one word. you brilliant girl you.

  3. Haha aww Beebe, you never cease to amaze+entertain+cause smiley spells like woah >> ^_^ ^_^ ^_^
    I feel quite guilty that I haven’t been keeping up with your comments and entries. You are just too quick for me. You sly, sly devil. (Moral of that story – I shall check back moreoftenthannot! And leave you giggly ramblings such as this in hopes of causing you similar smiley spells…?)(Moral 2 – Beebe is the w1x0rest and she pwns you. 😎 )Hope you are just swell.Soddies,Stef 

  4. ahh it was hardly a prank it was a family day and it jumped on me unexpectedly. Sort of like those commercials where a guy comes home from work and all of a sudden a dog jumps on him. except less physical, obviously. love you :J

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