it’s so simple; like chess-

  [)    trumps 
liver trumps heart

liver you, liver your mom, and if absolutely necessary, liver your pirates or some rubbish like that

school wouldn’t end today

(like this sentence cause i’m not putting a period)

libertines: oct. 3/bright eyes: oct 13/le tigre: nov. 15/cant see delgados because of age, yet again


10 thoughts on “

  1. you better go see the yeah yeah yeahs. if you don’t we’re not sisters anymore. i’m kidding doll. =]libertines! if you see le tigre on the 15 thats when im seeing them. maybe we could finally meet. =] that’d be grand and maybe my life would be complete almost. love ❤ skye

  2. who’s that and a boy. it sort of looks like me, except with my old hair and darker. that boy’s not mine though.
    xanga is sweeping over all. i judge people by their xangas. do you? only because i’m often all too correct. it’s nice. i hope that you can travel abroad someday. britain would benefit from your blatant cheekiness. yes, you. cheeky.

  3. I can’t wait for exploring, I am going to be the captain. lol have fun time traveling, while i just travel (in physical … you know) byes

  4. XP I love strangers. interesting strangers like you! welps I saw you alot on skye’s site. thanks for the comment. and oh I love that the future freaks me out song XD

  5. you were in my dream last night. but it wasn’t you. it was this girl from xanga that i thought was cool because she looked cool on xanga once, and then she slowly became another teenage girl in xanga and the real world alike. i thought it was you and i was sad. and then i woke up and i was glad that it was a dream. so it was sort of you, but not. and the rest of the dream was horrible too. a nightmare never to be true.

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