the movie made me feel really ignorant because i didn’t get like. confusing references and some of the bitter grownup humor. good thing is i finally understand the annie hall references all the *other* shows/movies make.
it was the first time in months the CUBIC EEELS have gotten together, let alone do a real movie night. fiddlesticks! clearly my camera was not at the scene. if you’ve just joined us [in the last year] the cubic eeels was this pre-band “project” we started because we were itching to well be in a real band. a pinocchio complex, if you will. basically 4 mates with different music tastes and coloured hair who thought of a greater collective name. thus cubic eeels because i had three e’s in my name, kimmianne three e’s, and so forth. now that i think about it allyx and maya really dont fit the pattern so i’m gonna have to recrunch the numbers. nsync would be disappointed. and that’s all i ask for

i was too lazy to have a slapfight over who goes when so i gotta read a poem, i’m writing this weekend, first thing monday. :DDDDDDD forced grin. an expression that i’m growing very accustomed to, but it’s fun. got great books at the library that demand to be read first though

free pie-feel pregnant. no, look pregnant. i’m round :DD


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  1. cubic eeels is quite the charming name. =]i have some other stuff to say but i forgot so um.. ta dah!i’ll comment some more as soon as i remember what i was going to tell you. = |that marijuana is messing up my brain. it is true!!! damn everyone for smoking by me. = |

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