trigonometry later known as statistics- ackerman doesn’t know what she’s doing and treats us like her southern grandkids. wont pass AP test, but will get cookies
notable characters- michelle and girl whose name i’ll find out

homeroom- “pro-active” metz.
notable characters- john with hats

US history- steel is ok. i always have my defense up and it helps he makes the same jokes about me as last year and the year before
notable characters- jenny the veggie and guy that looks like he stepped out of magazine, eyeliner and all. total poof of course. courtney.

lunch-notable characters-all

hon. am. lit.- hate abbrvtns. d—–something. ms. d. young, likes weezer, gets hit on a lot. english class is hard to ruin though, good fun. books, discussions.
notable characters- eric. courtney.

ap biology- it’s true oliver is cool. teacher by day hippie by night. owns half a bookstore, wears exploited t-shirt.
notable characters- same john, michael, sarah, jessica c [aka annoying yakking in my ear that wont turn off] courtney.

needless to say i hope courtney and i become friends

!!none of my teachers did icebreaking gettoknowyou crap!! i promised i’d be grateful for that. except metz. but who has ever considered her as a real teacher

too much school talk..i’ll keep it to a minimum. got all year to talk about the not-able [to come up with an original thought] characters.

screwing my allergies and watching annie hall with kim’s cats tonight. and those humans


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  1. Wow. Doesn’t sound half bad? Your teachers seem like they will be much much more interesting than mine…Hope you aren’t bombarded with work too early on…Would love to see your hair! Regardless of how it turned out…Soddies,Stef

  2. annie hall is a fabulous movie. kaitlin (trendy turtleneck) is responsible for that. she’s basically my drug (music, books, movies) lord. i’m glad i have one of those. i just want you to get my letter. ’cause man, it’s juicy.

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