good lord i’ve been passing the day thinking it’s monday. when in actuality we have 40 hours left. and i just wasted a whole day, in my mind. call me bee squared

if i sit really still it feels like i’ve floated out of my body and then nothing at all! nothing is good considering my sicky symptoms have been plaguing all week. oh there it is again, no nerves, very blank. like if i played that game to see who can not move/talk i could go forever. or maybe that’s what they call sleep. gonna go do some of that

also! happy birthday stu[ey] art murdoch! a humble homage, to hide the bitter fact that you’re old enough to be me dad. so that makes me just one star crossed lover and him uh a person


Guilty: Mister Steel    Innocent: Beesquared

Long Term Crimes: being dull, egotistical, ignorant, teaching crappily, talking like a bad teenager, coaching football, taunting the innocent, not knowing who the pixies are.

Short Term Crimes: teaching different classes every year so said innocent always gets him. three years. make up your mind, you silly stupid man. no more thinking i’m buddhist, no more calling the vines the hines, no more football anecdotes.


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  1. Ah, another layout change, I see! Lovely, truly, madly, deeply…erh.Sorry I haven’t been commenting….I haven’t been as active in the Xangrr community as I would like…but…things, you know. Things go on…But I am thinkin’ ’boutcha! A little lovin’ fer ya: <3<3<3, eh?Hope you feel better, dolly. Sods,Stef

  2. you need some special soup. In pk my grandma said she’d make some special soup if any of us got sick, and then we would get better in a day. I am not so sure but you can sure use some of that stuff. you’ve been sick for a while, poor bing bing. 😦 get better for school

  3. Alright, Here’s the deal. We do this team murder thing. You kill this Mister Steel and I’ll kill this Mr. Engelmann. And we’ll BOTH get away with it because no one wants them here anyways.

  4. poor innocent girl *hugs*
    Not knowing who the Pixies are and calling the Vines “the Hines” should have the penalty of death.

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