no wonder i was getting these “hope you feel betters”. oopsie i should reword that i mean i feel a lot better because i’m not getting anymore syndromes. just in time for school syndromes to swoop in. i hate things that swoop. look i just did a cartwheel. ok, so it was a somersault.


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  1. i’ve always been ok at cartwheels, but somersaults… i think i only learned how to do those last year. there’s a videotape of a dance recital from when i was 5. me in a leotard doing somersaults (last in line) to the oompa loompa song and making the most agonizing faces to match my pain. it’s one of bailey’s favorite things.
    letter no.2: sent.

  2. oh, i wasn’t a loompa. don’t be frightened, i was just a kid in a colorful leotard (that i used, for many years afterwards, as a swimsuit.) see, you can’t be intimidated of me because that’s what all the normal people do and you are above them. therefore, if you become intimidated of me, something is not right with the world. glad the crackers could be of comfort. 🙂

  3. and some machines are dropped from great heights lovingly…and some great bellys ache with many bumble bees and they sting so terribly…

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