..and it turned out blacker but just blacker. it’s like, how much more black could this be? and the answer is none. none more black. i’ll try again before school. also need to quickly finish half-baked summer sewing projects.

michelle threw a successful sleepover cause of the fact we didn’t. even under the weather i didn’t want to. it was nice to talk in the dark when you’re half asleep and you stop thinking about what to say before you say it. impulse is great. not reliable the next day though; i cant remember much.

[as far as my recollection goes-
(what was the name for school glue huh?) with the caveman/clouds stories and daydreaming and meaning of life and careers and ketchupspaghetti sleeping bag meatball head and a movie life and tchuuna and small worldness and social/school life and sleeping positions and potato salad and turrets and if you were a sound/drawer/bag/condiment what would you be and bollocksy middle school and *thinking about thinking about thinking about thinking*]

i did get to that wonderous rare state where you’re beyond exhaustion and everything strikes you as funny. talking about breathing that was just. slaying me

there we go! a chronological detailed account told at lai’s. school glue formerly known as flifferflaaver. i heard flifferflabber


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  1. I have bad news.  I believe I messed up your address on the letter so you may never get it.  I feel bad for the poor unsuspecting soul who does-they’ll recieve a blast of pure unadulturated coolness.  Oh well, I’m just going to have to write another even better one and ask suzanne for you proper address.  oops.

  2. the blackest black sounds quite nice. i love going into that “happy mental” state. being tired is like a natural high in a way. before i go to sleep.. i feel a sudden rush of hyperness (i doubt thats a word) take over my body. lol thats only when i sleep over at someone’s house though. nice new layout. i’m lovin in! <– mc don. bye beebe ❤

  3. … “but this one goes up to eleven”
    I have photos from my move in if you want to see.<- and who is that girl (she’s really hot)

  4. i bet if we wrote a book about everything we talked about it’d be calledFlifferflaver: Pretend Psychoanalyzed Glueing Of Laughing Delusion and Tomato Sauce as a Side Dish to a Purpose Driven Life on Top of Old Smokey Without Glasses or any other Seeing Helpage:D BEST SELLERS LIST indefinitely.i liked it it was great. except i dropped dead after 8, didnt i? and you guys just left me there like a dead carcass on the side of the road! i forgive you. [)

  5. the christopher program is one in which you do independent project things. there are units. you learn about world issues and things. and then you get to decide what sort of project you want to do on it. like a research thing. you go to school for half of the day and then you go to cp. it’s usually at the library or this one church downtown, depending on the day i guess. it’s for kids that know that grades don’t matter. you get a pass to the art museum too, yay. it’s a more independent and learning-centered thing (than regular highschool). they say it’s good for people going into an art-related career, which is where i’m at.
    i’m glad that i got to explain that now, it needed to get out of the way. i’d do it via snail mail, but you see, i’ve allready begun your next letter and it’s jam-packed and juicy with other matters. so good.
    i need to get my digital camera fixed. and then i will send you pictures of everyday type things, and you can understand them better. cheers, pal.

  6. tired giddyness.. i like that more than hyperness.i agree with you. all of those new blazers look like rubbish. i think im going to have to take a few out of the rubbish pile though.. i have seen some i like. but the prices kill me and my happiness. we wouldnt want that now.. haha i’m thinking about just finding a brown cordury blazer at the thrift store. its so hard to find a half decent looking one with a nice price to go with it.oh and when school starts.. i don’t think i’ll be thinking about clothes at much. haha i’ll probably be updating about books and movies. oh and how can i forgot.. the ever so popular, “school life”.. =|bye love

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