i dont like surprises but i’d make an exception it if my classes next year aren’t as rubbish as i expect them to be. no i shouldn’t list them. actually i think i’ll replace the, the racquet sports with something more interesting and less physical. then i’ll feel aok. and book and art club. it’s too embarassing to play songs other people have written..i be audience for now. OMN was still fun 😀 oh! now i get what the lady said about the tea tasting like “a pine tree on fire”. the pine tree part can be replaced with most other objects though


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  1. HSAAAAAR!! okay random outbursttrip overscrabble andconversationspelling!i had manyfun. whenever you plan to go again i will follow :D!and one day i will find that treetea.

  2. my classes next year will be hell. the only thing i’m looking forward to is Art 2 and Clothing. i have not held a paint brush in so long. summer is almost over and i have nothing to show for it. = |tempura makes me go crazy. =) yum

  3. i’m cool with them now. they’re from tv land so they always come back with an “i love you” and brownies. but tonight it was corn. which is better because it was the best corn i’ve ever had.
    I GOT YOUR LETTER TODAY. it was brilliantly engineered. i will reply soon. i read it to malazar and we both laughed a lot. intriguing, well done. bravo. A+++.

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