remember the talent show idea lai? time for you to bongo like a beatnik baby

do you doubt her talent? then prepare to face the fighting fish


17 thoughts on “

  1. haha i flatterd. :’D poetree not good enough.i doubt there are many people on campus who would like it anyway. (if artsy fartsy stuff is trendy now, though, so some people might pretend to like it :’D)

  2. i can play the bongo like no other. =] i can talk in rhymes. i too can be a beatnik baby.maybe i can’t be a beatnik.. but have fun. i can read you know. just some interesting news for you. be proud of me.

  3. I have returned! Rejoice!I haven’t had time to read any entries of yours that I missed, but I wanted you to be the first one on the list of comment replies. ^_^I hope you are well.Peace and love,Stef

  4. you were so right when you said the thing about the nation’s art club members, 200 or so… we really are a dying breed. i like us kids.
    i’m going to keep a tally of how many lesbian references are made to me this schoolyear. people’s ignorance can make for my fun, if i let it.

  5. Fish make good friends. They don’t demand anything and say annoying things.
    Then again, They are stupid.
    you’re a wonderous jewel of magical delight and glory.
    Of course.

  6. LOL it was a time until i realized that you posted it!oh goodness i feel flattered :’D
    more soon to come bee. you are indeed a fun character to doodle. much (].

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