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pity i’m afraid to take me camera outside the house. well,er for the fish. some options thrown around are lo’..lo’bob, lo’chness, ochtobius, earl grey, and flo. augustus and saint bob, george? most courtesy of lai////////jules and i will go to registration soon. the age-old sign that the fun is on its way out.  i’ll be the one dipped in makeup so they don’t mistake me for a boy again. those experiences you never forget though. it’s better than being mistaken for a 9th yearie. i reserve an edit for when i come back from this errand
it was nice seeing people. and not so bad seeing not so nice people. they got my schedual wrong which i expect nothing less of. too many books next year so i dont know if i can use hellokittycraigbag anymore. a pack mule would be better suited. which bring us to stop for a rest on the way back to jules’ house so i found out that open mic night is still going on. i’d really like to go this or next friday if i can recruit some support

oh man[!] japanese fighting fish..yoshimi? fight that evil algae


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  1. my suggestions are almost like my children!except i do not have childrenx-rated last names unite for v to z registration! 😀 i plan to go later for shorter lines

  2. YOSHIMI! yes! could not havethought of a better name hahai went latethey screwed my schedule too, its westview traditioni want see beebe in open mic!

  3. ewww. registration was ugly and smellier than vomit. I saw alix (you know who)  and i wanted to give her a swift kick, so she’d topple off her platform shoes and fall into oblivion. Or at least fall on the floor. I saw kari, kara, liz, allison and shubanga and hana. I didn’t miss being a freshmen at all. I missed you though, i amted to stay longer but i got finished quick, something around 1:00. can’t wait to see you.

  4. yoshimi is a girl’s name,girl’s names on boys aren’t nearly as hot as boy’s names on girls
    that reminds me, I still plan to name my first female child Charlie, I hope you are too

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