bliss- the state i am in.

hello, you spelled my name wrong. but you got the look down

we found him/her in the gutter today, serious. dont know what to name or feed him/her

now it’s all festivelike


10 thoughts on “

  1. that’s a good picture of you, you should take more
    I don’t see the resemblence in the bee
    I suggest a contest for the name of your gutter fish-it’s very pretty whatever its gender

  2. BEEs!CAAMERRA HEAVEN.!?you look very pretty in a state of bliss :Ptis a beta fighting fish, dear! go to store they’ll have beta fish food. 😀 mine lasted some timehe’s a malemale’s are colored all pretty but they get kind of stuffy they’ll fight if you put another one in. (WHOA)they’re real easy to take care of too
    i think you should name him sticky.a little kid named mine mister of luck to yoou!

  3. oddly enough I was trying to stay away from the word “realistic”, it felt like the wrong way of describing it for some reason

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