i did zilch today-a noteworthy summer experience i think. wouldn’t want to do it every day but i didn’t have to get dressed, that’s what summer’s about. sucks to the beach

so stuart murdoch’s stolen my heart, no i should say only catch my fancy, no use pretending we didn’t know this day would come. “If one day you read of my death, and it is bike/car/lorry related, you will at least know that I died doing something I loved; spying girls on the street on a sunny day” 

my eyes stopped focusing correctly. hug a tree friend!


7 thoughts on “

  1. ahhh your site has changed once again!
    it’s lovely having someone to get jealous over conor.. very lovely indeed. but he made me jealous first, so twas only fair play.

  2. I’ve hugged many trees.  I’ve also licked them.  Different trees, different flavors-like candy!  Letter coming soooon.  BE PREPARED!

  3. Ahh your page is so demanding. it surprising I even get here. Stupid realplayer, always trys to cut in. Damn it. Well that music was done by a prankster, who I cannot name but who asked me to tell you it wasn’t rap but in fact linkin park. ohhhh… car info is importante I look forward to knowing EVERYTHING, in full of course.

  4. Linkin park is far better than anything rap, and the song was choosen by me dear. alright song, i guess. Thought i don’t like loading realplayer it’s dumb, windowsmedia player is far better. i want some socks. ahh just remembered registration, shit my skin sucks right now.

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