why not talk in an accent today? you’ll probably sound wiser and get asked out more; sorry, that’s the truth. i had a fine dream yesterday that involved a bloke with an accent that destroyed our city. plehh i couldn’t stop it, it’s my kryptonite. mm british avacado

finally, i found the cheap thrift stores. for 1.25 i got a dress that’s green and green! i wish to see annie hall today but no one will take me. oh the sorrows of an unlicensed chile, i feel them

this site’s real interesting

atkin’s diet, may you die an excruciating bloody death. i would’ve cursed the bastard himself but that already happened

huh. dad got a car today and..that’s the extent of my car knowledge. it has a cd player so i’m appy


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  1. (in sexy brittish accent) Take a picture of that dress. I wish to see it.
    We still need to talk with accents to eachother.
    I broke my mouse. My right button is lower than the left.
    I have not seen Annie Hall either. I’ll tell you what, hitch hike to Fresno and help me move in and I’ll take you to see Annie Hall and buy you another green dress.

  2. annie hall, good good movie.
    wait a sec… is this xanga low-carb? it doesn’t look low-carb. blimey. it’s all this indulgence that’s been encouraging the chunk on my thighs! damn you and your carbohydrate loaded blog. damn you to a fat, fat man’s hell.
    i’m only kidding. i hate that atkin’s is the next starbucks too.

  3. if we all spoke in an accent we’d probably sound a bit more mature and actually talk more.
    but all i can sayis.. vitaminsoh yesdamn sat analogy for youlai:dark hairand musics::beebe:british avacado

  4. oh my father is going through midlife alsohe wants a carhe says its for me but me and my mother know he just wants to buy a car
    i want to take charlie the white camry.

  5. your father bought a car. YOUR FATHER BOUGHT A CAR??? AND THATS ALL YOU KNOW ABOUT IT!!! AND YOU SAY I AM ILL INFORMED. is it your car? does that mean you’ll get the old cra? is it a car car ofr one of those trucks? hmmm? answer soon love

  6. heh sometimes i try to sound like i have an accent. i think i fail though and people sometimes walking by look at me in a strange way. but what do they know?i’m glad you found cheap thrift stores! enjoy them.. like how i enjoy the cheap ones here.hooray for a new car! i’m also very happy for you. so i’ll add in a “hooray” again.always changing your layout beebe! =] i like coming here though.. well because it’s always different.-Skye

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