today you should uh learn sign language, it’s very in right now. speaking of which, when i was young i put these clippy earrings like this on my dad and i forgot and he forgot and we went to the store. [yeah we never have fun anymore] no wonder the truck driver was gawking. he’s either really confident with his masculinity or uhm not. speaking of which i’ve been doing kid activities [excluding that^] a lot, in correlation with the death of summer? for some it’s today-so wrong. help me outsmart autumn, we’re young and fiery we can do it. AFFIIIRMAYSHUN


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  1. It is. It is so wrong. I mean it. You are right. It is so wrong. Tomorrow i’m gonna have to be drugged and dragged out of the house.
    On a lighter note. I like this song. Tell me who it is.

  2. when i went to chicago there were translators for all of the speakers and such. they were mesmorizing. summer lives in you and summer lives in me. summer2k4 will never be forgotten, no matter how autumn falls.
    horrible wordplay.

  3. I thought when we talked you said you didn’t see Amelie. Oh well.Enjoy Napolean Dynamite, if you have a chance to see it.
    My question in the last comment was more geared why you were seeing so many movies as of late. Is there a reason?
    Summer fiasco the first (as mentioned in last comment): moving my things to Fresno.Summer fiasco the second: giving myself a mohawk. I may even bleach the end for fun.Summer fiasco the third (if I am able to get more money): get a tattoo.
    I don’t know how I’ll make enough for the tat. Any ideas?

  4. oh man! i love those little clip earrings. my mum used to have a ton and i would always think they were worth so much. i felt like a princess when i wore them. heh.i know some things in sigh language. but now that it is “in style” i think i’ll take a class. 😉 i just gotta be in.lately i too have been doing child-like activities/things. lol i’ve been watching kiddie shows too.. like the reading rainbow and um all those good shows. = ] i can’t help it. i feel young again.autumn is my middle name. and i love autumn.. so i don’t want to outsmart it. = [ sorry- skye

  5. lyrics for beebe. these will make you happy.Butterfly in the skyI can go twice as highTake a lookIt’s in a bookA Reading RainbowI can go anywhereFriends to knowAnd ways to growA Reading RainbowI can be anythingTake a lookIt’s in a bookA Reading RainbowA Reading Rainbow;D

  6. I don’t care what Blockbuster allows. In fact, I will probably wear my lip ring the last week of my employment there. What are they going to do? Fire me? Haha.
    Singing messenger? I don’t sing so well. I am better suited to be a male prostitute. Atleast I think so.

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