doesn’t scanning your hands sound fun? here’s another, knit a jumper for your favoUrite teddy bear. that should take you a week. if it doesn’t, knit me some leg warmers too

wheeere doooes the summer go, i just know it’s on its way out. i stole this from jon but uh we need an end of summer fiasco.

currently i’m enjoying barrettes. like this lone one with a cat playing a fiddle. quality>quantity. i stole that from skye, i have a thief’s nose too.

and that’s all

we built this city on rock and roll


14 thoughts on “

  1. i used to have whatever set that was. the one with the cat & the fiddle. i “borrowed” a white bumpy barrette from my youth pastor’s large black vehicle (has cutest children ever) but it’s just not the same. you know.
    i will mail you a thing soon. check your box this weekend.

  2. Ah, new layout. ‘Bout that time, eh chaps?Back-to-school anxiety sets in. And black clouds roll over the town! MrawAye, rock’n’roll. [+ sex, drugs]Sodding,Stef

  3. My end of summer fiasco seems to be moving into my dorms. Wish you could help me, I like making small chinese girls carry my boxes.

  4. heh i have a barrette with a cat playing a fiddle on it.<3 twins perhaps?anyways, i just don’t care much to show where i bought something at. i mean i don;t want to be a walking advertisement for a store. thats why i perfer to wear some of my shirts inside out.. well the ones that have a logo on them. haha.. =]and my purchashes do comfort me. if i knew had to knit.. i’d knit you some leg warmers. i shall hurry and learn!

  5. hahaha. wow. you are correct on the eyes, miss.
    i’m glad it was you to leave me a comment because i was just thinking about you because i just licked the envelope to your letter and put it on the hutch. it will be a few days, then BAM. it will hit you. it will hit you hard, and you’re going to like it.

  6. What’s with all the movie watching? Baseball movie, Annie Hall, Napolean Dynamite… and maybe Amelie (I saw your buddy icon). Come and talk to me about movies.

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