i slept during the movie, but the people watching was most excellent. next week is better, annie hall. after ages of seperation i finally went to a mall; the whole affair was a dissappointment, for everyone involved. looks like it’s back to thrift, that seductive beast. me head hurts-bollocks, right after i typed that another part started to. i seem to have an effing deep connection to spritual affliction that resurfaces as physical pain. well, gotta go photocopy my hands now

tide-i read a “review” about this B+S concert with BE opening, exactly a year ago. that concept’s just magnificent beyond words. i regret


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  1. Never been a fan of the malls. Thrift stores have a certain charming, vintage-y allure. ‘Round ‘ere, people look down upon the thrifty. Oh, I do love the attention…Hope you feel better, lovie.Stef

  2. Aww, love! Your entries are always entertaining! I cherish them so. ^_^ I visit your xanger more often than any other. Truth.And yes, I’m quite glad I healed up too. At least the wounds aren’t visible now? It was a stupid thing to do…but, in the heat of passion, caught up in the moment…it seemed like it was just fine. :-/Sodding off,Stef ❤

  3. i always wanted a cast. don’t worry i’ll be careful.
    hey i have a thing for you. i said i draw you pictures and that is precisely what i did. i think i’ll mail that soon. ding.

  4. the mall is hell. i don;t like ae or abercrombie except i do like this one store called forever 21. lol just because.. well the clothes are way cheap and i might actually find something neat. i’m going thrifting right now.. i hope to find a retro looking umbrella. heh. maybe even a retro looking “something”.. something is really anything. i want to go shopping for vintage dresses over in la. i went to this one thrift store called, um american something and they had tons of vintage dresses. i couldnt pick which one i wanted. lots of mod styles and so on. there also is this one called, wasteland and it was rather nice. ^ those thrift stores are on melrosesorry for all of my mistakes.. i’m in quite a rush to go get ready. my dear old mum is rushing me lol.bye love <3hope i was helpful

  5. Haha your comments always bring me joy. I’m glad I can return the favour!Glad you approve of the newest layout…I’m sure it will be transformed, soon, though. ^_^B&S+BE!? I am so heartbroken that I missed that one…:'(Also glad to hear you admire my subconscious. It amazes me sometimes…<3 you much + sodding now,Stef

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