they should be arrested for being all so pretty. i completely understand the cult following, i’m also guilty. i’m sure y’know what i’m talking about,

summers hastening on, trying to get a feeling fro-om
the city but i’ve been unfaithful!
i’ve been traveling abroad

i wish

yay tigger didn’t really grope that girl. or maybe he did yay

sod off. love that,
at least it’s time for me to sod off

tide: time for me to [people]watch an old old baseball movie. can you say score? i take heart, it’s in balboa park


9 thoughts on “

  1. I probably shouldn’t have made that entry public…But I have a problem with the private ones…When you view your private page and there’s extra entries? Blargh, disarray.I’m glad you find the pictures entertaining..Can’t wait to see some of yours. Sodding off,Stef

  2. Well, we haven’t talked on aim, but I see you are keeping up with your xangaing. Leave me a message on my new xanga if you have a chance.

  3. clever little you.i like the new layout. -_- you and all of your neat layout things. hahai’ll make you a shirt that says beebe with an arrow pointing up. well i’ll make it when i learn how to use the sewing machine. i’m thinking about sellign things online.. like getting my own page. that’d be ultra neat. em.. nice song.good day beebe

  4. Not ketchup, unfortunately…The result of too much alone time…”The devil will find work for idle hands to do.” It is long healed now, though. No worries, love.<3 Stef

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