droo_ool. good ol’ B+S bliss right here. come soak me with them scottish ditties

tide is edit spelled backwards

cory and i couldn’t go see napolean dynamite, is it worth watching? i already killed myself to get out of bed early. so, but! i “finished” fans only into the wee hours of the night and it was enchanting to me who gets enchanted easily. s’like a home video of my heros

[there’s sarah who has an addiction to building shelves in her house, chris wears this scarf my mom has everywhere and does the best dance i’ve every seen, richard who only likes one song they’ve ever made but at least thinks it’s the better than sliced bread, stuart david who traded a camera for a pen and stuart m. who is hands down my demigod. how do i prove that..he carries this fox puppet he talks to everywhere because he lost his dog. and there’s always 20 other people waiting to play a xylophone solo or just clapping. merciful heavens]


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  1. Yes…the mind of a preteen can be frighteningly complex…Glad I’m past those darkest days…And now, on to establishing myself as a human being with opinions, passion, etc etc!! As I get older, I realize I don’t really hate so much as…have a lack of tolerance for the teen queens. I just don’t want to be around them…or have to look at them. Yes, compleCKS. Take into account -i.e.- the environment. East Greenwich: majority of the citizens are wealthy conservatives who spoil their children rotten and buy them BMWs…I am misplaced. x_xOh the places we could go with this subject…

  2. I want to see Napolean Dynamite. It looks good.You know, I saw a Belle and Sebastian CD at best buy the other day (while I was buying my Beatles Live At The BBC) and I thought of you.I think i’m gonna look them up.

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