tis beautiful and beautiful. this song really grew on me not to mention nice to play. now where can i get me paws on some belle and sebastian cds… 

yest the walls were really closing in so i went to the park to swing a bit. and though not part of the plan, get gawked at by the cheerleading practice that apparently goes on there. i mean cheerleaders of all ages and their mothers who were no doubt some at one time. eh the diversity ended there. only one girl i saw who wasn’t white that was sitting on the curb and..one foot away this clan of girls kibitzing. anyway what’s sadder is i’d wanted to be them at one time. but whats happier, i was the other girl[!] not really


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  1. Everyone’s most desperate wish was for acceptance at one point or another…In Jr. High I prayed to be “skilled” (-_-) enough to gain a spot on the cheerleading team..Halfway through the tryouts, however, I had an epiphany.- **I hate athletics**- **I hate all the girls on the team**So I quit..and haven’t looked longingly at the popular teen queen gangs since. B-) We all need a niche. We have to find what fits.

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