my parachute’s broken. an alternative is leaning over your twirly chair and spinning weeesh. my stomachs not happy about that though. seriously serious time now. i’m always serious. and wishing i lived in the 60’s. don’t they say you can wish for stuff when the time consists of the same number? that’s what i think about at 5:55

what colour’s your parachute?


coincidence is so not like watching kim’s car arrive right when i leave school. it’s like reading nine stories and madame bovary at the same time and having them make references to each other


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  1. i wish for the past often but then it wouldnthave been as easy being all asianified back then, i dont believe.
    my parachute is likeone of those cheap ones people use for egg drop projects.

  2. I always make a wish at 12:34 and it’s always the same:  “I wish I had all that jazz”
    anyways…the things you have for the pictures of eprops make me laugh. 
    I had never really thought of me and Suzanne combining our letters…but it would be fun.  WATCH OUT!

  3. I wish I lived in the 60’s too. I mean, i’d have to be born in like….1945 though. But I hate my generation. So much.
    ..what color was your parachute? if you don’t mind me asking…

  4. Whenever I look at the time and the clock glows with 11:11, I tell myself to make a wish…but never actually do….And even thinking about it now…I don’t know what I would wish for…I’m not sure of what I want from life….at all. How sad.Like the layout…Always a’changin’…B-)

  5. Haha…I just changed mine again too…I seem to do it every other day? I change layouts like I change moods…And thank you, I am feeling better…Yes, Dramamine by Modest Mouse does hold memories for me…Never again.-Stef

  6. Nah, all those photos in the background are friends…I’m too critical of myself to find a picture worthy of posting. :-xHope your afternoon/evening wasn’t too painfully boring….

  7. Glad to hear your day turned out alright, too. Can’t wait to see what lovely photographs you produce with your [spanking] new camera. I heart silly people. ^_^Love.

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