i figure most people aren’t out to get us

some even enjoy to love [and to be loved da da da da]. except those that listen to linkin park.


9 thoughts on “

  1. i’m sorry about gals having rocket dog shoes at your school. i dont think i’d be bothered with them being in style.. it would just be the fact that someone else had some. lol i don’t really care what is in style.. but everything i seem to buy is in style.. so im really going nowhere with this comment. ahhhanyways im just adding bows and buttons and felt birds onto my clothes. i made a shirt tighter yesterday and today im making a skirt shorter. oh what great fun!=] yeah yeah yeahs are great.. but i had to change the song to an against me! one. <3bye love

  2. i still cannot get over the vitamins.linkin park reminds me of the convo when i had to bother you about musichahahahathey sound the same its disgustingit has no substancejust flashypretty like gone!

  3. Haha. So true. I want to love you madly. B-)Keep a healthy faith in the human race as long as you can…The world is pretty depressing if you don’t tolerate/appreciate your fellow persons. -_- Then again, if you’ve invested faith only to have the humans disappoint you…the world will be depressing then, also?Take care,Stef

  4. –insomnia–Yes, I have trouble committing to a layout…I become bored so easily :-X so my xangerr is always a-changin’. Much like yours actually ^_^. But of course, it makes thing exciting…Looking forward to the next post, as always ‘Til then…Much love,Stef

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