i’ve got a thesis so i have every right to shilly-shally diddle-daddle and boon-doggle. mhm i didn’t like all the sex drugs and rock and roll or lack of it i mean. are my commas or lack of them annoying?

this weekend our visitor is from chicago. so cooking cleaning and entertaining awaits. as expected she’ll bring a suitcase of strictly presents for us to show her gratitude and then my mom will [is] running around trying to find things to give her family. from experience “hip” grownups will give me really bad cds but if offset with intelligence reciepts will be included. i hear lots of rumors about clothes this time though  once someone gave my mom lingerie but mom thought it for me. either way man…she was cracked though

i was admiring these boots on ebay and then spin comes in the mail with the hives wearing the same ones if you care

rock guitar was getting a little monotonous and since i don’t see an electric in the next month..i’m going to learn classical. sooo fingerpickingly pretty, i blame b&s.


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  1. Thanks for the comfort comments…::Pulls comments around herself like a blanket/shield/fortress?:: ^_^Luck to you with -dun dun dun- the visitor…The boots are darling.Take care,Stef

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