leftover cake always tastes better. dad’s friends from ohio are here for comicon and we saw them today. they brought nice ohio vibes just too bad i can’t go back with them. like this background reminds me of it, not that it’s not like that here
it’s all you, ariel. holy water for getting them for me

i’m saving writing skills and individual thought for the american lit. essay. until then-dont know when-this is drought season, retreat to someplace cool and damp.

=don’t we need a digital camera..
-we have two digital cameras *whips out a plastic one we got with a box of cereal or something*
=that has two buttons. what if we wanted to zoom
-then we just stand closer. or we use the video camera

he takes pics, goes home, finds out the camera only works with old old computers, digs out the computer from the garage. and eureka, digital pictures! that only have two colors and look mutilated.
so chances are good.


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