murderer-miss beebe
victim-miss beebe

mmnhegh i finished the first chapter of founding brothers in two days. did they really make an effort to make the title sound that repelling i wonder. at least it’s honest; the inside is filled with these boring words that i don’t understand like it sounds like this guy looked up regular words in the thesaurus and replaced them. i bet some aren’t even real liker aggrandizement.

beginning of end of rant-

i didn’t really read the first chapter i skimmed and lost my place and reread a lot. still so lost. and guilty as aaron wanker burr because i snapped at mommy dearest, it’s summer, madiha is coming back today, but these pasty faced bastards mocking me on the book cover don’t care. no, i bet they want to see summer die. i bet the hot water bottle industry is in on it.


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  1. Thanks for enlightening me with your musical genius…er…I mean, telling me the song title? Now I can enjoy it when I am visiting your site as well as when I am not!I’ll keep checking back often and enjoying your updates…Take care!Stef

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