from dear little lai,

“i love beebe.
ear, i do.
(her name is dearbeebe.
she’s a black belt in karate (hiehieh!)
oh dearbeebe, the dont believe me
but you wont let those
robots eat me, dearbeebe!
those evil natured robots!
they’re programmed to destroy us.
she’s gotta be strong to beat them
so she’s takin lots of vitamin
oh dearbeebe, they dont believe me…)
-dearbeebe and the pink robots
ripped off the yoshimi thing”

for ya,

lailai’s in the bedroom bababumbabum
she says, “time to go now”
but leavin’ it ain’t easy
i’ve got to let go
oh, i’ve got. tolet. go.
and the hours they ran slow!
i said every night!
lai just can’t stop sayin’
“new york city cops
new york city cops
new york city cops
they ain’t too smaahht”

douse my parents with holy water for bringing home fabric and a whole bag of retro clothing patterns from this garage sale


4 thoughts on “

  1. Kept it secret for long enough…But yes, been through a few journals because of confidentiality problems…Still, I couldn’t keep from visiting your site to see what you’re up to…Always entertaining. I love the song on here…What is it?Take care,Stef

  2. oooh you lucky girl! have fun making nice vintage dresses and shirts and skirts and so on! i always see those at thrift stores.. but i have never bought any because i dont have a sewing machine. lol.. i will tell you where i am getting my ballet shoes from. the price is really cheap too.. talk to you later.
    ❤ your sis

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