so i started this entry like five different ways but it paid off cause now i can use that statistic to start. dont let statistics fool you! they are the bastard offspring of propaganda and math.

i had a convo with liz today that was solely about clothes. that’s toughcore. similarly i had one of those shopping dreams. tis too late for any hope of my friends saving me because they encourage more. but katelyn can try bless her heart.

i bless kari with holy water, for calling me from burlington coat factory when she saw great button purse, calling me putting up with my interrogation on every detail, and getting it for me

no worries i’ll be broke soon enough. thank you, curiosa brighteyes peteyorn[?] violentfemmes

i feel regretful i have no interest in comicon, the great gala going on next weekend where there’d deffo be colourful people. but honestly! comics..

wha ah do declayre suh

i say yay, michelle and i be having a dying party! with an e. we’ll have blue black hair before school starts


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  1. this kid is eager to unite under the pen. send me your address, pal. or i’ll send you mine if given your e-mail address. whatev, whatev. i hope that you may someday return to your [second] homeland. ohio, the heart of it all. the birthplace of aviation. producer if soy, fosterer of basements. adieu mon chere papillon.
    i believe i just called you my dear butterfly. i should have said singe. singe means monkey.

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