the bananas are reproducing; run for the hills

new glasses in honor of my absentmindedness


7 thoughts on “

  1. i love your xanga yet it takes 10 seconds to loadand what a torturous 10 seconds it is, love.
    in regards to san diego bus riding: old men and some elderly mexican ladies, with a couple of college students here and there. total of 10 people MAX in a bus, my friend. truly, nobody rides the bus. some bus drivers are really this one guy.. he was like ‘OMG, kid, no one sits at THIS bus stop’
    thats how many people ride the bus.RIDE WITH ME! lvoe- almost real love!

  2. where are you seeing bright eyes at? los angeles right? well anthony and me are going to buy our tickets to see them in los angeles. it would be cool if we could meet up for a quick hello. lol after our greetings and what not.. we could go frolic off and listen to conor’s brilliance. ❤
    the cure and bright eyes. we are lucky girls. very lucky. yes lucky. so lucky.

  3. i didnt know there was a show in sd until after i left you a comment. lol i decided to check. we will never come face to face…! >= nice song. hip hip. reminds me of hip hip. i can sng along with just the these two words… hip hip. <3em.. the banana’s look like they have a zipper on them. ultra cool.. Hello. = ]

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