bored in computerclass i felt like a        snog

if you find yourself caught in love, say a little prayer to the man above

all i’ve been eating is tomato soup i’m putting my mom out by asking her to make it twice a day. glorious creation is soup. i’m going to eat and live and breathe soup until it shoots outta my ears

bright. eyes. is. coming. in. october. i just got tickets. to put an exclamation point would be redundant.  i gotta go do my breathing exercises


13 thoughts on “

  1. i’m honored to be quoted.
    i would have e-mailed you my address sooner, but there is no link to e-mail you on this tropical paradise of sorts. so you can e-mial me first. mine is yeah it’s from 8th grade. i’m not proud. but anyways, i am excited to the max about being in cahoots with you via snail mail. oh and bailstar wants to sign up too. you are loved.

  2. Oh, my damn computer. You should hate it as much as I do because it inhibits me from leaving comments most of the time. It takes forever to load a website that after about 5 minutes of waiting I give up and don’t leave comments. Or it’ll freeze up. Oh, terrible cursed computer.
    Which also means I can’t go to your link. Oh, how I am sad. (Really I am, I want to know what you are talking about.)
    You know what? I don’t know your name. That’d be great to know.

  3. i heart psychedelic popcorn!haha i doodle things in my english 100 class too :(even though my teacher is rather exciting and a child of the 80s heavymetal movementhe does cool guitar solos and does comma splices while at it! bambam.
    your doodle be much more intense and comprehensive than mine.

  4. I wanna be a pen pal!  Can I please?   
    You are quite the luckster having tickets for bright eyes.  I wont lie, I”m jealous…

  5. I’m just going to assume I’m in on the pen pal stuff because suzanne and I are sort of a packaged deal.  Anyways my email is I’m psyched, let’s get this rock rolling.  Dude, that was dumb, I’m sorry i said it.  woo woo!  party

  6. well just a few more days till I am back in sd. I haven’t got my score back yet, my brother’s came but mine hasn’t, I fear the worst but alas it would be alright I guess. I think I’ve learned many valuable lessons…including, if you go to a shop that you parents friend owns you get massive discounts and NEVER peak english in front of a shopkeeper, they’ll charge you more. Glad you and Kari had a massive feast can’t wait to see you both. byes

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